La Résidence Cond’Or: Smart urban condominiums

Located in the Toison d'Or district, above the Gallery of the same name, La Résidence Condor is a project that offers 78 very high-end apartments in a friendly and lively space, with terraces that offer a breathtaking view of Brussels. Being a high-end condominium in the center of Europe's capital, residential services are a natural part of the building’s value proposition. La Résidence Cond’Or has chosen Ask Nestor’s Premium offering to provide both on-site and digital services to it’s tenants since 2019.

Why La Résidence Condor chose
Ask Nestor


Tenant experience

The Ask Nestor Premium onsite Community Manager provides an exceptional tenant experience.


Personalized services

The Ask Nestor Service Builder allows to personalize services to the client and building.


Multilingual content

All content on iOS, Android and the web apps is available in multiple languages.

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