Le Toison d’Or: For the lovers of true beauty

The apartments at Le Toison d’Or are unique in their kind. The spacious rooms with high ceilings are bathed in light, complemented by spacious terraces providing a beautiful view of the city and green inner space. It comes natural that this luxury residence with dazzling design in the middle of one of the trendiest districts in Europe also features a world class service. Since 2017, Ask Nestor is present onsite with it’s Premium residential services offering.

Why Le Toison D’Or chose Ask Nestor


World class assistance

The Community Manager provides exceptional personal assistance around the clock.


More than 75 services

The Ask Nestor digital platform provides a wide range of practical services for every situation.


A trustworthy team

Working with Ask Nestor means working long term with a team of passionate people you can trust.

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A native app for every platform. With an all-new look and powerful features, Ask Nstor is the best way to engage your employees and tenants. We bring buildings to life!