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Budget-friendly events for an amazing experience

added on 16/01/24

It's 7.45am and I'm at the Botanic Tower, a 30,000 m2 prime business building in the heart of Brussels. A warm, friendly atmosphere greets me, the taste of fresh French croissants is in the air and the smiling Hospitality Manager at the welcome desk suggests I enjoy an organic fruit juice accompanied by a pain au chocolat.

Simple. Efficient. Light on your budget. A positive impact on your tenants' experience. At 08:30, employees of companies such as WeWork or the Brussels-Capital Region arrive for work and grab a fruit juice and croissants on their way up to the 12th or 17th floor where their workplace is located.

Workplace events don't have to cost an arm and a leg to be memorable and impactful. At Ask Nestor, we plan these small events always three months in advance. Here's how we do it: 

  1. Plan: The Hospitality Manager develops the quarterly communication and events plan. 
  2. Approve: Our client approves the plan at the monthly meeting between the hospitality team and the client's community or asset manager. Themes and budgets are approved.
  3. Prepare: The Hospitality Manager prepares and communicates the event.
  4. Execute: We run the "Meet your colleagues" breakfast once a month.
  5. Measure: Feedback is collected via the tenant experience app feedback system.

In terms of communication, we use the following means : 

  • Tenant experience application (mobile, web)
  • Parking and elevators (digital screen)
  • Reception area (digital screen and word of mouth)
  • Building magazine (example

In a typical building, we organize at least two events per month. At the same time, the customer's asset management team prepares several large-scale events a year, also to attract new prospects.

In summary: creating an attractive workplace doesn't have to cost a lot of money - it's all about small gestures and connecting with your tenants. The most important thing is to remain consistent by implementing an annual communications and events plan. 

Let's create happy buildings and see you soon 😉

David - Ask Nestor