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We create happy buildings

Ask Nestor helps building owners and property teams with technology and services to create an amazing experience for their tenants.

Experience hospitality driven spaces

From on-site hospitality management to digital concierge services to your own tenant experience platform, Ask Nestor is your all-in-one solution for an exceptional tenant experience.


A new breed of reception services aligned with the new generation of tenants. Dynamic, agile and engaging, we are at the service of your community, day in and out.

HIP digital 

We think all in one is better. Easier. Faster. Meeting room reservations? E-payment? News and polls? It’s all there on the app.


We fully manage your onsite and digital tenant services. From the weekly yoga class, to the bicycle repair service, to Thursday’s rooftop bar.

Fun and engaging

Besides the welcoming smile of your hospitality manager, nothing really beats a fun and engaging building communication. We take care about it all.

Increase the occupancy rate in your building

Your clients are looking for more than amazing architecture to sign a contract. Tenants expect an amazing experience in the places they live and work. A single additional customer is worth more than five times the investment in Ask Nestor.

Reduce the cost 
of service delivery

Attractive services are the key to retaining your tenants. The challenge is to reduce the cost of service delivery while increasing tenant satisfaction. Automated digital service delivery reduces overall occupancy costs while at the same time creating happy tenants.

Create a community 
of happy tenants

Personal interactions with your tenants are a key strategy for increasing retention. Tenants who stay longer ultimately have a positive impact on your net operating income. We've found that meaningful communications can lead to at least a 5% increase in tenant satisfaction.

You are important
to us!

  • An office building

    Your tenants and employees will value a workplace where they can be productive, have fun and feel cared for.
  • A senior residence

    Assist, care for and communicate so that your tenants feel they are living in a happy home and can enjoy their lives to the fullest.
  • A coworking space

    Manage and coordinate workspace dynamics, communications and service automation through one single app.
  • A coliving space

    Build a community full of happy and loyal tenants while increasing the efficiency of local service delivery.
  • An apartment house

    People will love the place they live in because they feel you care, communicate and make complicated tasks easy for them.

we create 
happy buildings!

Help your tenants to help themselves 

Cut down on tenant assistance costs by reducing these ever repeating tenant questions. The Ask Nestor building self service provides tenants with self-help assistance and is always on hand.

Effortlessly deliver
meaningful AI curated content

Save countless hours spent on customer communications by using Ask Nestors News and Survey Engine. Relevant, localised content is conveniently delivered via push notifications 
and email.

Efficiently deploy local building services

Reduce the cost of scheduling, delivering and billing services with Ask Nestor Service Builder. Create additional revenue streams by integrating third-party services on the mobile platform.

Interact with your tenants in a personal way

Increase satisfaction through personal and instant tenant communication directly through Ask Nestor's chat application. Measure and report on tenant satisfaction and interaction volume.

Manage multi-stakeholder interactions through 
one channel

Increase customer service efficiency and tenant satisfaction by managing support communications 
with multiple stakeholders through one single communication channel.

Integrate practical IoT functionality

Reduce the complexity and cost of multiple applications by integrating any IoT functionality directly into Ask Nestor. We work with a variety of vendors and develop custom integrations as needed.

Adapt to your tenants building and language

Increase tenant engagement by tailoring your app to your customers' building and language. Ask Nestor is multi-building and multi-language ready and natively available on all mobile and web platforms.

We value the people
and environments we interact with

Our Employees
Our Partnerships
Our community
Ask Nestor is a young and multi-national team that creates amazing tenant experiences. We promote inclusivity and diversity of our employees, partners and clients. Our software and services are made with love in the 
centre of Europe, in the land of waffles and beer.
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We believe in partnerships!

Together with our technology and service partners, we leverage each other's strengths, knowledge and expertise to create amazing solutions and technology integrations for our clients. Interested to partner with us?
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Our clients recommend us:

  • What a change !

    We never really communicated regularly with our tenants. And billing for low-value services was costly and cumbersome! With Ask Nestor, all of these problems are gone and our tenants are really engaged through the communication we now do every week 👍

    Facility Manager
    Thank you Fabrice for your trust!

    It is a pleasure to work with Ask Nestor.

    We work with them to easily and effortlessly deliver services through their digital platform to all of our buildings, and it works flawlessly! Plus, they are a nice team to work with. That's always a plus 😊

    Asset Management
    I am here to assist you, Mieke, whenever you need.
  • Excellent service.

    Simple and customer-friendly ordering process, fast, flawless and friendly service: Simply satisfied all around! ✨

    Many thanks Alena.
    Always at your service.

    Simple and customer-friendly!

    As always, excellent service ! Simple and customer-friendly ordering process, fast, flawless and friendly service: Simply satisfied all around ✌️

    Head of IT
    Your satisfaction is my priority, Michael.
  • Very happy

    Very happy with the service. First time ordering through the app (usually my assistant does it), but it worked very well and it's nice to have the whole conversation in one place.

    Your trust means a lot, Hans. 
    Thank you.

    Ask Nestor is really unique.

    They have a fantastic management team that is always open to finding solutions and making themselves available to us. We really feel like we are working with a partner and not just another supplier!

    Thank you, Françoise, for your trust. It's sincerely appreciated.

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your project

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