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Let's talk hospitality, shall we?

added on 10/07/24

Welcome, how are you doing today? 

Please come in, have a coffee or tea, and let's spend five minutes together talking about hospitality in your building. 

You know, the kind of service that makes you feel welcome when you walk into the building. The kind of service that makes you feel like you have a good friend at the front desk, giving you a smile and making you feel at home - at work. That's a new generation service, for sure, you say. Sure? I think it's here to stay. In times when hospitality driven design found its way into office space, the hospitality manager is fostering connections, wellbeing and a sense of togetherness. The invitation to enter a welcoming building, coupled with the ability to curate a personal experience, is a powerful tool for shaping a positive workplace atmosphere

Is this the end of the corporate reception? 

90% of the receptions I visit here in Europe (and I visit A LOT) have a massive potential to improve the experience of the visiting client or resident staff. You know, the "wow, that was so nice" reaction. The "it's a cool work place, I have to bring my kids to visit" (we all want to be cool parents, ... sigh) reaction. 

But good experiences happen more and more to me, and that's a good sign things are going in the right direction. Corporate receptions commonly aspire to have 5-star hotel receptions, with front office staff immaculately dressed and blending into the background. We want it different : Personal. Inspiring. Engaging. Colourful at times. Practical. And no, our clients don't want us to blend into the background. In short, we think the corporate reception has every right to be here - and evolve. To come out of the background (... the huge iMacs on their reception desks...) - and shine ! Their time is here, and it's good for them - and for your business.

How do you make it happen? 

Work with us. Ask Nestor is one of the few providers of new generation hospitality services for corporate buildings. What sets us apart is that we offer you all the aspects that make your building a more pleasant place to work in-house: From front-of-house operations and concierge services to wellness classes and your own digital service platform. We focus 100% on on-site and digital hospitality.

Ask Nestor hospitality staff covers the full spectrum of competences, from welcome and reception to event management and social communication. That's why we spend a lot of time recruiting the right people to find the personality profile that matches our clients' needs. From there, our Operations Manager, Gibran, starts training and building the skills that are still missing. Our staff starts as hospitality interns (6 months), hospitality officers (6 months to 2 years) and evolves to hospitality managers (> 2 years).  

Hospitality is the relationship of a host to a guest, whereby the host receives the guest with a certain degree of goodwill and welcome.*


*We would say "with endless goodwill and welcome", but then we're not Wikipedia 😉 

We would love to hear your take on corporate hospitality. Please contact us.

Let's create happy buildings and see you soon 😉

David - Ask Nestor